Give a Comment, Get a Cookie

Throughout the semester, we’ve been actively “postcarding”, which is standing in Tate Plaza and getting students’ and faculties’ signatures in support of fixing our coal problem.  So far, we’ve received 1000 petitions- far exceeding our goal!

However, on Wednesday, March 17, we were tabling for another cause.  EPA has proposed a new rule about better smog standards and we were getting public comments in support of this rule.  The emissions of the coal plant mix with air and create a thicker “bad ozone” which is commonly known as smog.

We decided to have a cookie party to make 300 cookies to give out to people who sign a comment.  This turned out to be a huge success, and a ton of fun for us making homemade cookies the night before!  Even though it was raining again, we received 150 comments in just 3 hours to send on to the EPA to show our support!  We tabled on Wednesday because the public comment period ended the following weekend.  Thanks to everyone that came to our table and let the big coal companies that you’re not settling with detrimental smog!



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