We’re back! And we’re better looking than ever….

No, we’re not talking about our organizers (although all of them are pretty good lookin’ as well).

The UGA SSC has a newly designed website that we’re so proud to launch for a new year of school and campaigning. Under our “about” page you’ll learn more about us as an organization. Read about our continuing campaign on our “UGA Beyond Coal” page. And to see how you can get involved or sign an online petition, click on the “support” tab.

Our blog roll here will be a central place for updates on our organization, the campaign, and general enviro happenings at UGA, but don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Most importantly, you should come meet us all in real life (I promise we don’t bite!) every Wednesday at 7pm in the Center for Student Organizations (located on the bottom floor of Tate across from the post office).

September 21st is the Wednesday tomorrow and we’ll be having our campaign kick-off meeting to jump start our work this year.

Hope we see you all tomorrow!

The UGA Chapter of the Sierra Student Coalition


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