Take action with us today!

Today we’re calling President Adams directly (well, as directly as possible, he’s got assistants answering his phones) to demand he set a date to move beyond coal and tell him that students want in on the process. We’ll be in Tate Plaza today asking people to call, but you can also join our action remotely by making your call on your own time.

Here’s what we’ll be saying:

My name is ____________. How are you? I am a UGA student/faculty/community member
concerned about the coal fired steam plant on campus. I’m worried about…(CHOOSE A, B, or C)

A) The negative health effects of coal emissions, including asthma caused by smog and birth
defects linked to mercury emissions.

B) The environmental effects of the mining of coal and coal particulates in the upper Oconee
River where the wastewater goes.

C) Investing more money in our outdated energy system since the plant is already 46 years old
and can only run four to five months out of the year.

I want President Adams to set a date to retire the coal plant on campus and move UGA beyond
coal as soon as possible. To begin this process, Adams should immediately establish a task force
of faculty, students, administrators, and operations staff to commit to a truly clean and renewable
solution. Can you please forward this message to President Adams?

Thank you so much, have a great day!

The numbers to call are:
(706) 542-1214 or (706) 542-0054

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