UGA Dances Beyond Coal

Yesterday, around 12:10 pm, 30 UGA students gathered around UGA’s Tate plaza to form a  flashmob advocating the termination and replacement of the UGA’s coal-powered energy plant.

Students gathered, dancing  to Chubby Checker’s ‘Do the Twist’.  Every time  the music stopped, the group would get down and one student would raise a sign and yell a message about the negative effects that coal has on health and the environment. The flashmob lasted 5 minutes and grabbed the attention of  passers-by.

The goal of the flashmob was to continue pressuring President Adams  to set a date to retire the coal plant on campus and to create a task force consisting of student and faculty to decide on a healthier, cleaner alternative source of energy to power the campus.

Members of the flashmob included members of UGA’s Sierra Student Coalition as well as other students attending UGA. The bad weather that day kept some others from coming, but none the less, the flashmob was a success.

The campaign is continuing with more events to come in the future! We are  determined to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal.

Great job UGA Beyond Coal!


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