Update from National Sierra Student Coalition!

Hello all!

Last week was a GREAT week for the SSC! This post is just to update you guys on the two amazing and exciting events that the SSC has been a part of.

First off, Last Tuesday, January 24th, the SSC was a part of   #BARACKTALK 2012 in collaboration with   Rock the Vote, the League of Young Voters, USSA, EAC, and others.  The SSC went live on the SSC website (www.ssc.org) and www.BarackTalk.com to talk about various environmental / energy issues.

The global online event featured various top social commentators and numerous youth organizations, all gathered together to talk about how we can improve our nation’s role in creating a more efficient, environmentally conscious energy future.

The event was a success, with more than 32000 Viewers!

Also, Quentin James, the SSC’s National director, was invited to rep the SSC at a state of the union debrief last  Wednesday with Vice President Biden!

The goal was to  get feedback and thoughts about BARACKTALK and what went on last tuesday to  track and report back to the White House. Being able to talk to the country’s Vice President was a big deal, as you all can imagine.

More updates coming soon, but it’s obvious the SSC has not slowed down and we are getting a lot done!

– Zainab


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