A Valentine’s Day event Beyond Coal!

Hello Beyond Coal-ers! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day.

Seth, the organizing associate of Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign has some news to tell us!

More than 1,000 letters from citizens all over our state were written and sent  to the leadership of Cobb EMC. In the letters, citizens thanked  EMC leadership for  cutting investment in Plant Washington and also asked EMC to become “a state-wide leader in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.”

The letters were an inspiration to Seth, who  believes “the letters show that we have a powerful, knowledgeable, and passionate base of citizens (many from Cobb EMC) who earnestly and whole-heartedly support the effort to build a clean, safe, just, and renewable-energy economy for Georgia.”

Yesterday, on Valentines Day, February 14th, Seth and others hand delivered the letters to Cobb EMC.

“I believe that if we can make a big impression at Cobb EMC, others will follow in their footsteps”, he said.

To  find more information about the event, click  HEREhttp://action.sierraclub.org/site/Calendar?id=159761&view=Detail


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