Making the Red&Black Again!

This time, our outreach coordinator extraordinaire, Tyler Faby, responded to a previous article about the rising energy costs at UGA:

 “..UGA’s glorious new library, Hargrett, [has] rooftop area is enough to accommodate at least 350 kilowatts worth of solar panel electricity; enough to power about 100 homes a day!….

…..Another possibility, soft-spoken but hard-hitting, is the use of geothermal heat pumps to cool our buildings …..

…I hope our administration will keep its eyes open to the golden opportunities it has to lead the Southeast into an economically and environmentally sustainable future.”

I hope so too! For now, though it is our job to help them pull their heads out of the sand.  Read the whole letter here.

We’ve got a packed week with petitioning (contact Kristin, canning, and of course our meeting on Wednesday at 7pm in Tate 138!


We have have 3 really awesome events planned for this semester, but we need your help to make them happen!

UGA Beyond Coal loves the Dawgs!


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