Leadership Structure

Our leadership structure is a bit non-traditional.  We call it the “snowflake model.”

We divide our organization into “realms.” By applying to be a Chair, you are asking to lead one of these realms (4-5 hour per week time commitment).  A Coordinator or Director will support the work of the chair and leads members and volunteers on more specific tasks (2-3 hour per week time commitment). Below are description of the realms and some responsibilities of a realm leader

Administration realm role descriptions
Questions? Contact: Heather heatherhatz@gmail.com
Administrative Chair

  • set up initial time/day for Exec. meeting (rotate facilitation w/ other Coordinators)
  • develop meeting agendas
  • send weekly email/newsletter
  • support and keep track of other Admin. directors’ activities
  • ensure attendance by SSC at all CSO events (workshops, fairs, SOAR awards, etc.)
  • Re-register organization in the Spring
  • set up office-hours tracking system
  • reserve space for meetings and events as needed
  • act as contact person for UGA Admin
  • set up meetings with UGA Admin.

External Relations Coordinator

  • represent SSC in SGA & Go-Green
    • apply/run for Senate in the Spring
    • chair or attend the Sustainability subcommittee
    • work on initiatives and legislation that further the goals of SSC
    • attend Go-Green meetings
  • attend meeting with UGA Admin (w/ Coordinator or independently)

Research director

  • keep up to date on campus coal news, alternatives, power-mapping, up-coming events of interest, etc.
  • send weekly updates  on events, happenings, etc. to Coordinator
  • get on at least two National SSC calls per month
  • act as point person for any informational inquiry or clarification within SSC

Finance director

  • set up bank account
  • keep track of receipts all spending
  • pay for campus reservations
  • reimburse students for purchases made for SSC
  • develop a budget
  • work with Grassroots to create fundraising strategy and events
  • apply for funds from SGA for events, travel, and/or small club allocations

Grassroots realm role descriptions
Questions? Contact: Kristin kfair56@gmail.com
Grassroots Chair

  • Supporting and keeping track of Grassroots directors’ activities
  • Setting and monitoring action goals for the semester
  • Coordinating with Outreach to organize events and actions
  • Recruiting new student volunteers

Petitioning Coordinator

  • Coordinating times and locations for petitioning
  • Training new volunteers how to petition
  • Supplying materials as needed

Class Rap Coordinator:

  • Contacting professors who support our campaign to ask if we can speak to classes
  • Databasing responses with a time schedule
  • Delegating class rap times to members
  • Updating class rap scripts
  • Training new members how to class rap

Phonebanking Coordinator

  • Coordinating times for phonebanking
  • Databasing all petitions
  • Organizing petitions by level of interest from signee
  • Writing scripts

Trainings Realm Role Descriptions
Trainings Co-Chairs

  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills to be effective organizers through grassroots skills trainings
  • Partner with the Southern Energy Network’s Trainings Tour
  • Generate and compile materials from various national environmental and environmental justice organizations
  • Assess skills needs among other realms
  • Organize monthly trainings in:
  • Grassroots Campaign Planning, Campaign Matrix writing, Strategy vs. Tactics, Grassroots Tactics (tabling, Canvassing, Class Raps, Phone-banking, Letter-writing, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Anti-Oppression)
  • Share organizing/skills trainings resources with other green groups on UGA campus

Outreach Realm Role Descriptions
Questions? Contact Tyler tfaby@uga.edu
Outreach Chair

  • Maintain an updated log of all professors, grad. students, community members, and alumni that support campaign
  • Maintain active relationship with supporters through bimonthly newsletters
  • Build lists of names and contact information for potential campaign supporters
  • Set up and facilitate realm meetings
  • Set and facilitate community phonebanking meetings
  • Update and maintain online resource website @ BeyondCoalDocs.wordpress.com

Communications Realm Role Descriptions
Questions? Contact Maura maurafriedman@gmail.com
Communications Chair

  • Bottom-line any necessary materials, including guides and class raps
  • Coordinate media relations, including press advisories, press releases, and pitch calls
  • Keep up online media presence with Twitter, Facebook and blog
  • Train others to talk to reporters and speak publicly about the Sierra Student Coalition

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