College campuses have consistently been at the forefront of solving the biggest challenges facing our nation, and renewable energy is no exception. It’s time for the University of Georgia to lead the future and move beyond our on campus coal-fired power plant.

Coal isn’t just harmful to local environments and resident health in the areas it’s mine- coal affects the health of those in the communities where it’s burned- like UGA’s campus. The good news is that renewable options are already a reality and schools like the UNC, Clemson, and UPenn have already moved beyond coal. With a gorgeous campus, proud athletic tradition, and thriving community beyond the arches, we can’t afford coal particles in our Athens air.

To support our campaign, we first ask that you sign onto our petition using either the Student, Faculty & Staff, Alumni, or Community Member endorsement forms.

Some of the Sierra Student Coalition Executive Committee doing pre-meeting planning.

To keep updated on our campaign, subscribe to our listserv, like our Facebook Page, or follow our Twitter.

We’d also love for you to join us in campaign planning and tactic execution- there are roles and needs for many different perspectives and talents in our organization. The Sierra Student Coalition currently meets every Wednesday night at 7pm in the Center for Student Organizations (located in the bottom floor of the Tate building across from the post office).

Feel free to email with questions or comments.


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