Sign our Alumni Endorsement Form

As alumni walking beneath the arch on north campus, give future graduates cleaner air to breath as they mark their own success.

Universities have special relationships with their alumni: the college is only as prestigious as its graduates, and vice-vera. UGA in particular is proud of and listens to its alums, which is why an alumni endorsement is one of the most powerful endorsements of all.

To keep UGA a leader in the Southeast, the Sierra Student Coalition’s Campuses Beyond Coal Campaign is seeking to replace on campus coal use with a truly renewable energy source. Moving beyond the coal on our campus would also improve the quality of life for current students, however. Coal is the single most destructive industrial process that we use as a country on a daily basis because it contributes to air and water pollution, along with high asthma and autism rates. Burning coal also produces over 40% of our country’s annual carbon dioxide emissions. With a gorgeous campus and a proud athletic tradition, we can’t afford coal particles in our Athens air.

Sign our Alumni Endorsement Form




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