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As students of UGA, why sit back and let our campus' environment go to waste?

Although universities have consistently been at the forefront of solving the biggest challenges facing our nation, there have always been concerned and dedicated students behind the efforts of every innovative campus. Students are the reason the University of Georgia exists and student demand is the reason for many changes and improvements around Athens, from the Green Fee to reforming tailgating bans. Now we have a case for environment and health to stand up for.

Coal isn’t just harmful to local environments and resident health in the areas it’s mine- coal affects the health of those in the communities where it’s burned. Like UGA’s campus. Toxin and smog emissions at coal plants can be so bad that, within the Campuses Beyond Coal Campaign, students at the University of Wisconsin actually sued their school and won for the affect coal pollution was having on the health of students and community members. With a gorgeous campus and a proud athletic tradition, we can’t afford coal particles in our Athens air.

Sign our Student Endorsement Form


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