UGA Beyond Coal

Current Campaign: UGA Beyond Coal

It’s time to move UGA beyond dirty coal. The coal plant on campus provides  42% of the heat that the entire campus uses.   From the mine to the plant, to the ash pond, coal is America’s dirtiest energy source- and UGA is perpetrating that right on campus.  According to study commissioned by the Clean Air Task Force quantifying the healthcare costs due to deaths and other health affects attributable to the fine particle pollution from power plants, in Clarke and Oconee County alone, high prices are paid:

  • Deaths:($61,000,000)
  • Heart Attacks:($1,320,000)
  • Asthma Attacks:($10,000)
  • Hospital Admissions: ($153,000)
  • Chronic Bronchitis:($1,160,000)
  • Asthma ER Visits: ($4000)

We here at UGA can become a leader in forming the future of Georgia. Students in the Sierra Student Coalition believe UGA is a truly great institution that should pave the way not only for other schools in the Southeast to invest in responsible energy, but also for Georgia as a whole. We want to show President Adams that the UGA community is united behind transitioning away from coal by 2013 when our permit to burn coal expires- meaning we’ll have to commit to invest in renewables before then or invest more money into a dirty, finite energy source.

The Campuses Beyond Coal Campaign is a national campaign being run at over thirty universities across the U.S. and other schools have already committed to clean energy. In the past two years, the SSC has seen 16 victories, including at schools like Clemson and UNC Chapel Hill.

To see how you can help, check out our support page or email


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